Taking care of your pipe

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Pipe caring 101

When cleaning a new pipe, use pipe cleaners frequently but cautiously. Running them all the way down into the bowl may peel away the new cake before it has a chance to set.

Rest your pipe at least a full day after smoking it. Give the accumulated oil and moisture a chance to dry out. After cleaning your pipe, it's a good idea to leave a pipe cleaner in the stem and shank for a little while to absorb excess moisture. Be sure to set the pipe at the proper drainage angle, with the bowl lower than the stem. Your reward will be a dry pipe that smokes cooler and sweeter.

Rotate your pipes. Owning and smoking a number of different shapes and styles of pipes will put more variety and interest in your pipe smoking, and will give each pipe a chance to completely dry out. If your pipe begins to taste harsh or bitter, dip a nylon shank brush into pipe sweetener or grain alcohol and follow through with a dry pipe cleaner.


Taking Care of Your Pipe

by The Virtual Pipe Club

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