Breaking-in new pipe

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What does it mean

"Breaking in" your new pipe simply means developing a thin layer of carbon or "cake" on the inside wall and in the heel (bottom) of the bowl. The carbon cake acts like a grate in a fireplace to improve the draft and ensure complete combustion. It also serves as a barrier between the burning tobacco and the bare wood. Many pipes are pre-carbonized to assist you in the bread-in process.

There are several methods of breaking in a new pipe. We recommend beginning with a full bowl of tobacco. The most important thing is to smoke the tobacco all the way to the bottom! SMOKE SLOWLY. Tamp and re-light as often as necessary; do not be afraid of using too many matches. If your pipe gets too hot, let it rest awhile; then tamp the dead ashes and re-light. You can test if the pipe is too hot by placing it against your cheek. If it is uncomfortably hot, set it aside and allow the pipe to cool.


Breaking in a new pipe

by London Calling with Simon

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